How to Register for a Class on the New Portal

Thank you all for your patience while registering on our new system at:  Below are images and instructions, to help you navigate the process and answer some of our most common questions and issues. 

Are you a registered parishioner (i.e. Do you give online or receive envelops)? 

YES:  You should have received an email with “Welcome to Holy Apostles” in the subject. If you didn't, then we might not have the correct email address for your family. Please send us a note and we will with update your record & reset your account at: [email protected]  Also, if you need to reset your password, send us an email, we are finding the manual reset isn't working propering. 

NO: Please click here: This will allow you to register you and your household. Currently, we have an error when adding additional family members, so please send an email to: [email protected] with your other family members names. We will add them to your account on the backend and then you can continue with the process below to register your child. 


STEP 1: After you are logged in, you will see this page and to register for a Faith Formation Class, Click “Classes” in the top Navigation Bar (Blue Arrow)

STEP 2: When the the list of class offerings appears, you may click "Class Details" learn more about that specific class. To register for the time/day that works best for you, click the maroon circle with the plus sign (Blue Arrow below). 

STEP 3: When the Popup appears, click the down arrow (Blue arrow below), This will pull up a list of all your family members. After selecting the correct child, your child’s information will auto-populate the fields. Please verify and update the information.  If you have another child to register, click “Add to Cart” (Green Arrow) and you will be taken back to the Class Registration page. If you are only registering one child, you may click “Checkout”

Still having issues? Please don't hesitate to email us at: [email protected]