Adult Education

The Tuesday Faith Studies

Fr. Len MacMillan provides educational opportunities to the adults of the parish to deepen their life in Christ through theological, moral, and spiritual studies. Classes are currently presented most Tuesdays at 9:30am on Facebook (click here!) and are posted below after they are complete.  They can be viewed on Facebook and here at any time once the class for that day is complete.  Dates are always posted in the bulletin and the events calendar.

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Summer Discussions

June 1 - The Archangels (see below for the painting of the Archangels to which Fr. Len refers in his lecture)


The Archangels - Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel - who visited Abraham (Genesis 18:1-15)


The Easter Season

May 11: St. Joseph


May 4: Apparitions of the Blessed Mother


Our internet cut out partway through, so we tried to re-set - the rest of the session is below:


April 20: The Theology of Friendship



April 13: Community


April 6: Renouncing Shame 


The Lenten Season - All the Feelings of Lent

March 30 - The Theology of Holy Week


March 16 - Self Compassion and Healing from Shame


March 9: On Shame


Feb 16: Part 1 of Holy Week (Monday - Wednesday) - What it All Means & The Biblical Priesthood


February Series:  Apologetics

Feb 9:



Feb 2:


Jan 26, 2021: Guest Speaker - St. Ignatius School Psychologist, Andrea Zambukos, EdS, NCSP: Finding Joy in Darkness


National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Idaho Suicide Hotline: 208-398-HELP (4357)

Poem : "When the Storm Passes" by Alexis Valdes

January:  Father Len answers your questions about our shared faith. (Jan 19)

Jan 19th Adult Ed




November series: God's Anger? (Nov 3, 10, 17) 

Does God get angry?  What is the cup of wrath?  Why are the prophets so angry?  Join Fr Len to learn more about what God's anger really means.

Week 3 - Nov 17, 2020

Link to the sermon Father referenced: "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God


Week 2 - Nov 10, 2020


Week 1 - Nov 3, 2020



October Series: Orgins of The Priesthood (October 6 & 13)

Part 2 - Oct 13


Part 1 - Oct 6:


September Series:

Gogorra!  Grit!

(here is a link to the book to which Father refers in these classes: Grit - by Angela Duckworth Grit-Passion-Perseverance-Angela-Duckworth)

Here is the link to the "Grit Scale" test: Grit Scale

Part 1 - Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020


Part 2, September 22, 2020


Part 3 - 29 Sept 2020


September Series:

Hell:  Feel the Burn!

Part 1: Sept 1, 2020


Part 2 - Sept 8, 2020


August Series:

Friends in High Places:  Why Honor the Saints?

Tuesdays, Aug 4 & 11 9:45am on Facebook

Aug 4 - Part 1, Friends in High Places

Aug 11, Part 2 - Friends in High Places

Video links from Part 2 of Friends in High Places:

Father Kapaun, Army Chaplain

Father Stan Rother, Missionary to Guatemala

July Series:

Beauty and Architecture

Explore the theology of beauty and architecture in the Catholic Tradition.  Why does architecture pull us closer to God?  Catholic churches are supposed to be theologically manifested.  In the Bible, God uses architecture to prepare people for Heaven.

Tuesday, July 21 - Beauty and Architecture, Part 3

Slides from Part 3

Part 3a

Part 3b


Tuesday, July 14 - Beauty and Architecture, Part 2

Slides from Part 2

Part 2a

Part 2b


Tuesday, July 7 - Beauty and Architecture, Part 1


Slides from Beauty and Architecture Class, session 1, July 7, 2020:

Part 1, Section 1

Part 1, Section 2

Part 1, Section 3



June series:  "The Tree of Life" - June 9 & 16

The Tree of Life represents God's own life given as a gift to humanity.  Throughout the rest of the Bible, humans and trees are found together in every major event in the Bible.  Why does God keep using trees to teach us the way to life?


The Tree of Life - June 9

June 16:  The Tree of Life, Part 2


9:45AM Tuesdays LIVE on Facebook and the videos will also be posted here for each session

Previous Classes:


In this time of the Coronavirus, we need hope and wisdom. What can the history of the different schools of spirituality teach us on how to find hope and wisdom during this current coronavirus? These lectures will seek to apply the teachings from different schools of spirituality in the Catholic Church to give us some perspective.


April 21/Class 1        DESERT FATHERS AND THE LONELINESS EPIDEMIC - 4TH CENTURY (Fr. Len references this book by Thomas Merton -

April 28/Class 2         CELTIC SPIRITUALITY – 5TH Century - Father references this source: Carmina Gadelica

May 5/Class 3           ST. FRANCIS AND SUFFERING - 12th Century

May 12/Class 4         14th CENTURY AND SICKNESS








The Wednesday Faith Studies

Deacon Robert Barros-Bailey teaches a ongoing year round series of structured classes on Church History, Scripture, the Catechism, Prayer, and Faith and Morals.  

Stay Tuned for the next series. 


Adult Education Recordings

11/03/20 Fr Len "Anger of God, pt. 1"

10/13/20 Fr Len "Origins of Priesthood, pt. 2"

10/06/20 Fr Len "Origins of Priesthood, pt. 1"

09/29/20 Fr Len "Gogorra - 'Grit,' pt. 3"

09/22/20 Fr Len "Gogorra - 'Grit,' pt. 2"

03/31/20 Richard Kulleck "The Meaning of Holy Week - Passover and the Last Supper"

03/24/20 Richard Kulleck "The Raising of Lazarus"

03/17/20 Richard Kulleck "The Man Born Blind"

03/10/20 Richard Kulleck "The Woman at the Well"

03/03/20 Richard Kulleck "Introduction to Lent"

02/25/20 Deacon Ed "Journey through Romans, pt. 2"

02/18/20 Father Len "Biblical Images of Mary, pt. 3"

02/11/20 Father Len "Biblical Images of Mary, pt. 2"

02/04/20 Father Len "Biblical Images of Mary, pt. 1"

01/28/20 Deacon Ed "Introduction to the Book of Romans"

01/21/20 Father Len "Letter to a Suffering Church: Prayer for Healing"

01/14/20 Father Len "Letter to a Suffering Church: Defining the Solutions"

01/07/20 Father Len "Letter to a Suffering Church: Defining the Problems"

12/17/19 Richard Kulleck - Christ is coming to save us - from what? for what?

12/10/19 Richard Kulleck "Waiting for Christ in the Eucharist"

12/03/19 Richard Kulleck "The Liturgical Year"

11/26/19 Deacon Ed "Put on the Armor of God"

11/19/19 Deacon Ed "Forgiveness" 

11/12/19 Father Len "Book of Ruth" - pt. 3

11/05/19 Father Len "Book of Ruth" - pt. 2

10/29/19 Father Len "Book of Ruth - pt. 1"

10/22/19 Father Len "Book of Jonah - Chapter 4"

10/15/19 Father Len "Book of Jonah - Chapter 3"

10/08/19 Father Len "Book of Jonah - Chapter 2"

10/01/19 Father Len "Book of Jonah - Chapter 1"

09/17/19 Father Len "Virtues - Love and Justice"

09/10/19 Father Len "Virtues - Pride vs. Humility"

09/03/19 Father Len "Virtues - Hope and Suffering"

08/20/19 Father Len "Catholic 101 - How Are We Different?" pt. 2

08/13/19 Father Len "Catholic 101 - How Are We Different?" pt. 1

07/16/19 Father Len "Theological Reflections on 2019 Movies"

06/11/19 Father Len "Caveman Spirituality" pt. 2

06/04/19 Father Len "Caveman Spirituality" pt. 1

05/21/19 Father Len "Is Religion Evil?" pt. 3

05/14/19 Father Len "Is Religion Evil?" pt. 2

05/07/19 Father Len "Is Religion Evil?" pt. 1

02/19/19 Father Len "Gospel of John" pt. 6

02/12/19 Father Len "Gospel of John" pt. 5

02/05/19 Father Len "Gospel of John" pt. 4

01/22/19 Father Len "Gospel of John" pt. 3

01/15/19 Father Len "Gospel of John" pt. 2

01/08/19 Father Len "Gospel of John" pt. 1

11/13/18 Father Len "Gratitude" pt. 2

11/06/18 Father Len "Gratitude" pt. 1

10/23/18 Father Len "Are We a Bible Church" pt. 4

10/16/18 Father Len "Are We a Bible Church" pt. 3

10/09/18 Father Len "Are We a Bible Church" pt. 2

10/02/18 Father Len "Are We a Bible Church" pt 1

09/25/18 Father Len "Apologetics: A Personal Response"

09/18/18 Father Len "Apologetics: An Anthropological Response"

09/11/18 Father Len "Apologetics: A Cosmological Response"

07/17/18 Father Len "Movie Reflections"

06/19/18 Father Len "Theology of Beauty"

06/12/18 Father Len "Theology of Color pt. 2"

06/05/18 Father Len "Theology of Color pt. 1"

04/17/18 Father Len "Scripture Themes: Exile"

04/10/18 Father Len "Scripture Themes: Hospitality"

04/03/18 Father Len "Scripture Themes: Light and Truth"

02/20/18 Father Len "Journey through Lent pt. 2: Death and New Beginnings"

02/13/18 Father Len "Journey through Lent"

01/16/18 Father Len "Infancy Narratives pt. 2"

01/09/18 Father Len "Infancy Narratives pt. 1"

11/14/17 Father Len "Examen Prayer" 

09/19/2017 Father Len "Symbols of the Mass Part 3"

09/12/2017 Father Len "Symbols of the Mass Part 2"


03/21/2017 Suicide Prevention