PREP - Parish Religious Education Program

Fall Registration update:

Keep checking this site!!  Registrations will open in mid-August.

We are working hard on establishing our plans for the fall.  Our priority is maintaining the safety and well-being of our children,  families and our Catechists, while at the same time providing the high quality Religious Education content you are accustomed to.  We will send out emails as more information becomes available, and post updates here.

First Communion Make-up Mass info:

Sunday, Aug 9, 11am!

  • Please RSVP to the PREP office so we know how many pews to reserve!
  • First Communicants may have their immediate (household) family sit with them for the Mass. Other guest will need to sit elsewhere in the church.
  • Masks will be REQUIRED for all in attendance.  First Communicants will be permitted to remove their mask prior to leaving the pew to go to Communion.
  • A professional photographer will be present to photograph each First Communicant receiving the Sacrament.  Click for the ORDER FORM.
  • Please scroll down to find the "First Communion Walk through" video.  Although it will be slightly different for this Mass since there are fewer children, most of the information applies.
  • Let us know if you have any questions!!
  • OH!!  We still have a few DRESSES and SUITS available, if you still need an outfit for your child! Call the office to set up a time to come in to see them.
  • This Mass will also be streamed online (Facebook and Holy Apostles website) for friends and family who are unable to attend.  We will also post them here on our PREP page!



June 13/14 First Communion Masses were beautiful!  Congratulations and God's Blessings to all of our First Communicants and their families!  Videos of all three Masses are posted below - please feel free to share the link with family and friends who were unable to attend.

Sunday, 11am

Sunday, 9am

Saturday, 5pm


Please watch this video for instructions on how we will be going to Communion for First Communion Masses.


Please watch this video to practice a song for First Communion!


  May God watch over us and our families during this time of uncertainty.

Click HERE for the most recent email from the PREP department:


 Video:  First Eucharist Q&A With Father Len


Video: Father Len's Words of Encouragement during Covid-19 


Our Lenten Project:  Divine Renovation Garden

This is our completed Garden!  The Seeds at the bottom are people we are praying for.  The Stems are active things we can do to help others.  The Leaves are things we have given up during Lent.  The petals on the flowers are children's comments about what has been the "best thing about being stuck at home" during the quarantine. 



1.  Be My Disciples, the curriculum for most of our classes, has some great resources on their website (click here!) for parents and students.  There are some activities, including chapter reviews, that are directly linked to the content we would have been covering in class.  For most students, the chapters they'll miss are chapters 21-23 or 24.  Maybe take a look at it during the time your child would have been in class!

2.  RCL Benziger, the publisher of our curriculum, has offered a resource for families to use at home.  Here is their message:

"RCL Benziger is committed to supporting parish and school families during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many struggling to find ways to share our faith, we are seeking ways to support the Church in helping you meet the needs of your faith formation programs. RCL Benziger is proud to introduce  a new series for families, Sunday Celebrations. We will provide a Sunday Celebrations session for each Sunday over the next 8 weeks.  

Welcome to Sunday Celebrations, a free resource from RCL Benziger to help you celebrate Sunday with your family, in your home.  Each Sunday’s celebration focuses on the Gospel of the day, and encourages family members of all ages to join in singing, praying, sharing, and celebrating. Suggested songs and craft activities help enliven and extend the celebrations throughout the week."

Each Sunday Celebration is available in English and in Spanish!

Click for the May 17th Sunday Celebration 

Click for more from RCL Benziger!

3. - the Holy Apostles code is: 62W3D4 Lots of video resources there, in English and Espanol!



**(Registration not yet available for 2020/21 school year)**

Welcome!  We hope some of your questions about PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) are answered with the information below but if you'd like more information please call us at

208-888-1182 ext. 3022 or 3017


Religious Education at Holy Apostles for Pre-K-5th Grade...

Holy Apostles PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) strives to be a joyful place where children can form relationships, learn that God loves them, grow closer in relationship with Jesus and begin an understanding of the Catholic faith. 

Each year classes begin in September but we can add children to the program all year long.  It's never "too late" to make disciples! We're here to serve you and your family.

We look forward to meeting you,

Blanca Hutson & Jennifer Severance

Holy Apostles PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) Coordinators

Blanca Hutson:  (208) 888-1182 ext. 3017 [email protected]

Jennifer Severance: (208) 888-1182 ext. 3022 [email protected]

Dates for the 2019-20 Year of PREP (Parish Religious Education Program):

1st-5th Grade Class Dates

Pre-K-Kindergarten Class Dates

Children's Liturgy of the Word (KidsWord) Dates

PlayGroup Dates

Special Event Dates

PREP (Parish Religious Education Program) Overview:

Religious Education Classes for 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, and Kindergarteners:

  • Classes are held during the 9am and 11am Masses on the 2nd an 3rd Sundays of the month.
  • The class year runs from September 15, 2019 through April 19, 2020
  • Registration for the new class year begins in August, however if there is room in the classes, we can add children throughout the year.
  • The Curriculum used for this age group is the "Stories of God's Love" series published by RCL Benziger. Click here for Parent pages and activities on the Publisher's Website.

Religious Education Classes for 1st – 5th Grades:

  •  We have 3 class session times from which to choose: 
    • Monday 4:30-5:30 pm
    • Tuesday 4:30-5:30 pm
    • Tuesday 6:30-7:30 pm
  • The class year runs from Sept. 16 through April 21, 2019.  During this time, we follow the West Ada School District Traditional calendar for Holidays... if the schools are out of session on Monday, we will not have Religious Education classes on Monday or Tuesday that week.
  • We begin Registration for each new class year in August.
  • The Curriculum used for this age group is "Be My Disciples" published by RCL Benziger.  Click here for the publisher's website.
  • Click here for information on preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion.


  • What:  At Holy Apostles, we call Children's Liturgy of the Word "KidsWord".  This is a program led by the Volunteer KidsWord Team where children attend mass with their family and are led out of the Church to the Day Chapel during Liturgy of the Word.  In the Day Chapel the children hear the Gospel and a "kid-friendly" interpretation of the Scripture and usually receive something to take home to help remember and share the message they heard.
  • Who:  This program is geared to children who are 3-years-old through 2nd grade. Older children are encouraged to remain in mass with their family.
  • When:  KidsWord is held during the 11 am Mass - 2 Sundays a month (on the 1st and 4th Sundays). 
  • Why:  This schedule allows the children who are attending a pre-school/Kindergarten RE classes on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month... an opportunity to attend mass but still receive a message at their comprehension level. And, it gives the children who are visiting or who are not registered in RE a place to better comprehend the Gospel message with their peers.
  • How:  There is no registration needed for this program.  Children attend mass and sit with their family. They follow the KidsWord team to the Day Chapel when called... and return to their families during Preparation of the Gifts.


Want to know more? Click here for the Holy Apostles Religious Education Parent Handbook

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Contact: Blanca Hutson | 888.1182, ext. 3017
Jennifer Severance | 888.1182, ext. 3022