If you are planning to celebrate the sacrament of Marriage, please contact the Parish Office four to six months in advance of the intended date of your wedding. As you begin preparation for the sacrament of Marriage you will need to complete the paper work and establish your freedom to marry. There are various marriage preparation experiences that the Church requires to support your new marriage sacrament. After you have completed the paperwork and all other details in this initial process, you may then set a date and time for the ceremony.

Marriage Preparation Class

Our next Marriage Preparation class is will be scheduled in the winter of 2021.  A date has not yet been determined.  A Catholic Pre-Marriage Class is required prior to marriage in the church. Please call for more information.

Contact: Kathy Rayburn | 208.888.1182, ext. 3011


This is an opportunity for a Catholic to have their civil marriage recognized by the Catholic Church as a sacrament. You will work with a Church minister to fill out the paperwork and establish you and your spouse’s freedom to marry. The ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as the couple wants.

Contact: Kathy Rayburn | 208.888.1182, ext. 3011


The annulment process is an attempt to bring justice and compassion to many divorced and separated Catholics. Consult the parish office to begin the process or to obtain further information.

Contact: Parish Office | 208.888.1182