What to do when your loved one dies:

 1.If the person is on hospice, call your hospice contact first. Hospice will come to your home to confirm death and pronounce time of death. Then they will call the Funeral Home for you.

 2.If not on hospice you should call a Funeral Home. Below are two Funeral Homes within our Parish Boundaries

  •  Accent Funeral Home, 208-888-5833
  •  Cloverdale Funeral Home, 208-375-2212

 3.Once you have contacted the Funeral home, call the Parish Office 208-888-1182

  •  Ask to speak with Kathy Rayburn. Kathy is the Pastoral Associate of Liturgy and she will be happy to walk you through the process of planning a funeral. If you call after hours please leave your name, phone number and the name of the person who has passed away. Kathy will call you back as soon as possible.

 4.When you meet with Kathy you will:

  • Work with you and the Funeral Home to determine the best date and time for the funeral service.
  • Determine if you will have a Vigil or a Rosary (This is an option you and your family have. There is no charge.)  A free will offering may be given to the Deacon who leads the prayer.
  • Pick readings and music. 
    • The readings are from the Holy Scriptures. There are suggested liturgical songs for a funeral mass, but there is quite a variety.
  • An option for a Funeral Luncheon
    • The CCW (Catholic Conference of Women) will host a funeral reception when our dining room is available. They can provide a simple meal for approximately $2.50 per person if under 200 people.  If a larger group, we can work with you on the luncheon.  It is recommended that the luncheon follow the Mass, then proceed to the burial site.
  •  Verify information for Burial or interment.
    • Prayers at the cemetery or columbarium can be led by the Deacon or Priest when the body or cremains are interred. Kathy will work with the Funeral Home to schedule it after the funeral.
  •  Discuss costs of funeral at Holy Apostles.
    •  For parishioners, there is no charge for the Mass at the Church. For non-parishioners, a free will donation is requested.
    • There is a fee for the musician(s) which may vary depending on the musician(s).
    • A free will offering is given to the Priest and/or Deacon.

  Once the funeral services are completed, you are not alone.

  •  We offer a GriefShare ministry that meets here at the Parish which offers support and encouragement for your grief journey. Please contact Tom Blazek, 208-888-6223 or [email protected] for further information.