Anointing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick is one of seven sacraments.  It offers healing of the Body and Spirit. It reminds us that God loves us and is always with us, gives us strength for the journey and absolves us of our sins.  With Anointing, we are considered to be in a state of Grace, so should we pass away, Last Rites are unnecessary. 

Those who are ill, elderly, facing difficulties, stress, divorce, depression, emotional distress, anticipating treatments or surgery are all are invited to experience the healing presence of Christ in the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. 

Anointing is available during our quarterly Anointing Masses, and by appointment. 

Contact Monique Kilroy, RN, Parish Nurse Coordinator at (208) 888-1182 ext 3008 for appointments or questions.