Returning Catholics

The Returning Catholics program is for all Catholics who have been away from the Church for any length of time, regardless of the circumstances. This program can also be a refresher for those who would like to get better acquainted with the basics of the Catholic faith. Changes that have taken place in the Church are introduced to help you understand the basic concepts of the Catholic faith and if you wish, help facilitate your return. You will not be pressured or in any way obligated. This program is for you to use as you wish. Bring your questions and concerns. A different topic is explored each week. Most material is presented by parish priests and deacons, and is followed up by a question & answer session. You will enjoy fellowship with the other participants as well as the Returning Catholics Ministry team. Small Faith Communities provide wonderful refreshments.

Two sessions are conducted each year; one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  Each session is 8 weeks long and meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm. Below is a detailed topic list for each class in the session.

The next session begins begins Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 6:30pm 

Contact: Donna Dennard | 208.895.8469 or Kaye Shirey | 208.850.9889     (RSVP appreciated, but not required)


Feb 21 - “The Bible”

We begin with a welcome to the program and give a quick overview of what to expect. Learn the differences between Catholic and fundamentalist interpretations of Scripture.  See how to use the Bible in personal prayer.  Find out about different translations of the Bible and its use in liturgy.  Discover how God speaks through scriptures and the Church.


Feb 28- “What was Vatican II and Why all the Changes”

The past 50 years have been marked by many changes in the way we celebrate Mass, our teachings, and what our responsibilities are as Lay People.  Learn about the changes, why, and how they came about.


March 7- “Authority of the Church”

Most people’s idea of authority in the Church is wrongly abstracted from Hollywood movies and uninformed media coverage.  This class will give a set of principles about the kinds and levels of authority in the Catholic Church.


March 14 - “The Church’s Seven Sacraments”

What makes a Sacrament and why are they important?  What are the Sacraments?  If I missed being confirmed when I was younger, is there anything I can do about it now?  Why do I have to confess my sins to a priest?  What makes a marriage sacramental?  Learn why the Sacraments are the foundation of the Catholic Church.


March 21- “Church History and the Liturgical Year”

Where did we come from?  How did we evolve?  Have our beliefs changed?  This provides a basic overview of church beginnings, councils, what Church tradition is, and how we celebrate through each year.


April 4- “How Catholics relate to Mary /Church Tour and Protocol”

 The Catholic Church venerates Mary as the Mother of God.  Our understanding of her is rooted in the Bible and tradition.  Learn about Mary and why she is so important in Catholic tradition.  Afterwards, an Insider’s view of the church.


April 11 - “Why Be Catholic”

Some people may ask, “Why be Catholic?” or “Why go to any church?”  Gain an appreciation for your Catholic heritage.


April 18 - “The Holy Mass and the Church”

Discover the prayer that is the Mass.  We will also explain the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.