Faith Community Nursing (Parish Nursing)


Parish Nursing encompasses the Body, Mind and Spirit of the Congregation. Parish Nursing extends the healing mission of Jesus through prayer, education, health screenings, referral, advocacy, and counsel.

Parish Nursing coordinates programs including: Parish Visitors, Monthly Mass at Assisted Living Facilities, Coordinates priest visits to those in need of Anointing/Last Rites, BSU Nursing Student Community Health preceptorship, Advanced Care Planning with Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, AARP Safe Driving classes, Meals program, Monthly Blood Pressure Screening, Planning your Wishes for End of Life, Estate Planning and Charitable Giving, Bereavement Letters, Grief Share Support group, Divorce Care, Prayer Shawl Program, Welcome Baby Program,  Fit and Fall-Proof classes, Flexible Fitness classes, Healing Masses held quarterly, Healing Communion Services twice monthly, First Aid Kits & AEDs, First Aid and CPR classes, Annual Mobile Mammograms, Suicide Prevention and resources in restrooms, hand washing instruction for children in Religious Ed classes, Flu Prevention protocol and providing resources and referrals for various health needs. Various Wellness seminars are also provided.  Our Parish Nursing Bulletin Board is updated monthly with information, resources, flyers and local wellness events.    

The Self Rescue Manual has resources for everything.  Go to       Updated regularly.

Counseling Resources are available at the Parish Nursing Bulletin Board. 

Latest Parish Nursing Bulletin announcements can be read under the "Bulletins" tab on our home page.


Upcoming Events;

AARP Safe Drivers Course  April 12th, 9-4pm.  Enjoy discounted insurance premiums and eliminate points from your Drivers License.  AARP members $15, non-members $20.  Sign-ups required, call the parish office 208-888-1182. 

Planning Your Wishes for end of life, Saturday April 27th from 8:45-12noon.  Come learn about  the Catholic Church's teachings for end of life, funeral options, learn about what Hospice is, who qualifies, who pays, what to expect.  Learn about completing your Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and then listen to a Funeral Home owner share her expertise in cost containment of your Funeral arrangements.  This is a wonderful opportunity to initiate the planning of your own wishes at the end of life, having your wishes honored.  What a nice gift to offer your family members. 

 Parish Visitors Training   May 14th at 9:30am.Visitors go to Hopitals, Assisted Living Facilities and the homes of those unable to come to Mass, bringing the Eucharist and prayer.  Registration with Holy Apostles, an interview with the Parish Nurse, Safe Environment Course and Background Check are required.  Contact Monique Kilroy, RN, at the Parish Office for information.  208-888-1182. 

        Ongoing Programs

Fit and Fall Proof- Mondays and Wednesdays 9:45-10:30am, Rms 100-101

Flexible Fitness- Mon-Wed-Fridays 7:30-8:30am, Rms 100-101

Young At Heart- Third Wednesday of each month. Check the bulletin for each month's activitiy.

Healing Services- First and third Wednesdays of each month in the Day Chapel, 7:00pm.

Blood Pressure screenings- first weekend of each month after all Masses in the Library. 

Advanced Care Planning-completion of Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care/Living Will.  

            Parish Nurses have been trained as facilitators, thru Honoring Choices, Idaho, to help with completion of your DPOA/Living Will.  Appointments available at Holy Apostles, call 208-888-1182, ext 3008.