Adult Education

The Tuesday Faith Studies

Fr. MacMillan provides educational opportunities to the adults of the parish to deepen their life in Christ through theological, moral, and spiritual studies. Classes are on most Tuesdays at 9:30am or 6:30pm in the dining room. Dates are always posted in the bulletin and the events calendar.

Upcoming Topic:  APOLOGIA:  A RESPONSE TO ATHEISM  (details below including dates)

Although "apologetics" may sound like Catholics need to apologize for something, the meaning of the word is quite different. Apologetics comes from the Greek word "apologia" which means "to give a defense." 

One way to learn about the Catholic faith, the sacraments, the bible is to learn how to defend it. Please take a few minutes to watch this video with a wonderful description of apologetics:


These adult education classes on apologetics will continue on an annual basis and cover different areas.

This class is NOT so you can argue with non- Catholics but help them understand how we are the original Church that Christ started. I hope these classes as part of our “welcome project” and will spark more interest in discovering our faith.




The Wednesday Faith Studies

Deacon Robert Barros-Bailey teaches a ongoing year round series of structured classes on Church History, Scripture, the Catechism, Prayer, and Faith and Morals on Wednesdays from 2pm and 7:00pm in room 105/106. 


Adult Education Recordings

10/09/18 Father Len "Are We a Bible Church" pt. 2

10/02/18 Father Len "Are We a Bible Church" pt 1

09/25/18 Father Len "Apologetics: A Personal Response"

09/18/18 Father Len "Apologetics: An Anthropological Response"

09/11/18 Father Len "Apologetics: A Cosmological Response"

07/17/18 Father Len "Movie Reflections"

06/19/18 Father Len "Theology of Beauty"

06/12/18 Father Len "Theology of Color pt. 2"

06/05/18 Father Len "Theology of Color pt. 1"

04/17/18 Father Len "Scripture Themes: Exile"

04/10/18 Father Len "Scripture Themes: Hospitality"

04/03/18 Father Len "Scripture Themes: Light and Truth"

02/20/18 Father Len "Journey through Lent pt. 2: Death and New Beginnings"

02/13/18 Father Len "Journey through Lent"

01/16/18 Father Len "Infancy Narratives pt. 2"

01/09/18 Father Len "Infancy Narratives pt. 1"

11/14/17 Father Len "Examen Prayer" 

09/19/2017 Father Len "Symbols of the Mass Part 3"

09/12/2017 Father Len "Symbols of the Mass Part 2"

08/15/2017 Father John "Isaiah Part 3"

08/08/2017 Father John "Isaiah Part 2"

08/01/2017 Father John "Isaiah"


03/21/2017 Suicide Prevention