Altar Servers


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion




Music Ministry


Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreting is provided upon request for liturgical events such as baptisms, weddings, funerals.

Contact: Parish Office | 888.1182


Ushers / Greeters

Ushers and Greeters are ministers of hospitality. Ushers arrive 20-25 minutes prior to the start of Mass. They facilitate any special needs, assist in seating, answer questions, take up the collection and hand out bulletins. The Ushers also select a couple or family to present the gifts during Mass. In general, the Ushers supervise the even flow of each Mass then tidy up the pews and books after, so the church is presentable for the next Mass. Greeters welcome parishioners and visitors as they arrive at the church. They answer questions concerning the parish, committees, and the community. They also distribute requests for registration cards to new parishioners and welcome new parishioners/visitors to our community. Schedules are posted approximately every three months.

Contact: Michael Zink


Arts and Environment

This ministry designs, coordinates, and implements decor for the worship area that enhances and reflects the changing liturgical seasons of the Church calendar.

Contact: Midge Lee | 888.1182 x3011